Who Are Your Children Reading Books to?

What parent doesn’t love to read to their child? There are so many professionals, and PhD’s out there that really promote reading to children and about how it is so good for them. I have found that this is true with my own children.

I am not sure if it is the book or the fact that you are spending quality time with them; Undivided time that they will remember for their entire life. Reading to children is one of the most bonding experiences you can have.

The children enjoy cuddling on your lap while your voice flows over them. As the reader it is fun to watch their little faces as they are moved with the flow of the story. They are laughing one moment and on the next page the story has moved them to tears.

As the story teller, I am just as moved as they are; caught up in the story as our emotions flow up and down. You can easily lose a whole afternoon to reading.

This is an experience that the children then try to emulate to younger children, reading books to them. My daughter was so into reading that if she couldn’t line up some neighbor’s children she could be reading her books to, she would line up her stuffed animals and read to them.

Well, she also tried to teach her neighbors and teddy bears Math, and about “ocean science” as she called it. She would read anything she could to them. And to my astonishment the neighbor’s parents told me they really appreciated the fact that their children were doing so much better in school.

Now that is a testament to reading to your children. And, I am thinking that those stuffed animals know way more than they are letting on – when they have children reading books to them.

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